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Landscaping Training Program

Landscaping Training Program Details

The CAEP landscaping training program is a great opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. As an exchange visitor on landscaping training program, you will learn in a structured, goal-oriented and professional environment that will advance your career. CAEP landscaping program host companies work with both residential and business spaces and will help prepare you for a career in native landscaping.  You will have the opportunity to learn just what it takes to run a landscape contracting firm, from field level landscape maintenance and enhancement operations to gaining insight into management.

This program can include:

  • Turf management
  • Bed work
  • Irrigation

Program Availability:

April to October


Some of the skills learned on this program may include:

  • Planting of trees
  • Shrubs
  • Ground cover and flowers
  • Laying sod
  • Following landscape designs
  • Use of machinery (lawn mowers, trucks, Bobcats, earth moving machinery, etc.)
  • Constructing landscape structures
  • Limited placements with landscape design

*Actual skills learned will vary by placement and previous experience.

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